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In March, Einstein came up with quantum theory, a. While we firmly believe that Hawk Phoenix: Blitzkrieg Veterinarian and Flint McSteel: Wartime Blacksmith would have made excellent films, the animal-powered nature of the war got little airplay, thanks largely to Soviet and Axis propaganda efforts. David Shankbone "They birthed the baby boomers because their balls burst with bountiful brawn. Einstein, on the other hand, just pushed on, adding more layers to his theories about light and, finally, creating a little formula regarding the equivalence of energy and matter that you might have heard about:. Seriously, they were way, way into that shit: Pretty much every non-slave member of Viking society wore absurdly complex hair and beard styles they freely peacocked with to display their status in the community. When the decision comes before a jury, the phrase sexually violent predator —a legal term, not a clinical one—puts the defendant in a big hole out of the gate. 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